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trash hours mastering


affordable audio for all


My name is Ben Loughran and I'm based out of Durham, NC. I'm an audio engineer and Trash Hours Mastering is one of my experiments. With almost 15 years of varying audio/engineering experience, I sought to start THM in 2020 to offer high-quality work that is accessible to even the most modest of budgets. We all should be able to put something out that we feel is cohesive, sonically interesting, and ready for listeners. My process is very transparent, flexible, and communicative. If you have a project that needs mastering, reach out!

Rates and Fees:
THM is, and always will be, a 100% sliding scale operation. This is not a means to solely make money, but a way to be involved in the process of making your next album. Payment is always appreciated, but never the primary objective. Whatever you're able to pay is more than enough!


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